5 Things to Know About Color Contact Lenses

Published: 17th December 2005
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Are you the type of person that likes to play around with your looks? On the other hand, maybe you have always wanted green eyes instead of blue. If either of these descriptions sounds like you, you might be interested in colored contact lenses. Maybe you have even thought about using them before but didn't know if they were safe, or how expensive they might be. If so, keep reading the following tips will help you decide.

1- Color contact lenses come in a variety of colors and shades. They are available in blue, green, brown, violet, hazel and grey with new colors emerging all the time. These are great for someone who is tired of how they look and want a temporary change. Color contact lenses are available in three basic tints, the visibility tint, enhancement tint and the color tints. Each of these types of contacts serves a specific purpose for contact lens wearers.

2- The visibility tint is a lens with a light green or light blue tint that has been added for ease of contact use, this is also very helpful if one is dropped, but does not affect eye color at all. The enhancement tint lenses feature a solid and translucent tint of color that does affect eye color, but only slightly. These color contact lenses are not meant to change the eye color, but rather to enhance it, to make it more intense.

3- Color tints however, are the contacts that are used to change eye color; these are what most people think of when color contacts come to mind. The color tint lenses have a deeper color added to the lens that allows the natural color of the eye to be completely hidden. These are the types of lenses that are available to transform the eye into something that is truly unusual.

4- If you are a regular contact wearer, you will need a prescription for colored contacts as well, but other than the fact that they are color contact lenses, all the normal rules of contact use and care apply. However, these contacts are available from the same sources you are currently purchasing your regular contacts from.

5- The most important tip, do not, under any circumstances share your contacts with anyone. This is mentioned because most people that use color contact lenses don't intend for them to be permanent and the desire to try them might over rule common sense. This is said strictly for your safety.

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